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brides maid ffm jefread     alicante, Valenciana
About me. Can we save that for another time? Jk ok where to begin. Ok I have a daughter, and like all parents she means the world to me. I am a cancer, and I have all the traits. Family is very important for me
brides male maid of honor bhadra_dip     Vale, North Carolina
i like motor biking and fishing all kinds of music other than that i am quite happy with life
brides maid dresses strapless squirle     Huddersfield, England
Hi I love the outdoors, fishing, beach, beer, bbqs, amusement parks. Etc.
brides mothers dress kanman     Slough, England
If i had to descirbe myself would say very hard worker, also very driven to make the goals that i have for myself happen. At times can be very sarcastic but i love to joke around. when i think about

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