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dallas mother of the bride dresses cristencia     Arlington, Virginia
I like cooking out,watching movies and sports,reading and a lot more.I am a pretty honest person.I'm not consumed with greed for power or money. I really just want to live a peacefull,quite life and h
danbury mint princess sarah bride doll nanditha     Azusa, California
About me. Can we save that for another time? Jk ok where to begin. Ok I have a daughter, and like all parents she means the world to me. I am a cancer, and I have all the traits. Family is very important for me
customized bobblehead bride badger1     New lisbon, Wisconsin
Very active in sports, I play soccer all year around and softball. I also stay busy coaching basketball, volleyball, skiing, and soccer. Outdoor activities include kayaking, camping and hiking with my
cradle of filth darkness our bride elmahlawya     Delphi, Indiana
For the last 6 years I've lived abroad, and have recently settled back in the UK. I like to stay healthy and visit the gym 2/3 times a week but also love to go out and socialise with friends.

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