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d bride marked Indiansxcgirl95     Leicester, England
Originally from Cuba. Love dancing and playing music. Recently got together with friends and put together a band. Playing mostly classic rock covers. I have a 9 to 5 office job and
dance with bride and father avia20     Worcester, Massachusetts
I know my bio here is kind of long. But that way you can tell IF you want to keep the conversation going with me or not. We both value our time, so that seems like the right approach. Not looking for
d bride marked intercruciate ligament yazijokson     Comox, British Columbia
I know this isn't the usual way to add a description but as a friend I'm sure I can give you a good idea of what she's like. For a start I think her photo says it all but for those of you who do
daemon bride KyleStiftmaester     Newtownabbey, Northern Ireland
things that i like are well most things really. Philosophy paranormal socialising art / sensual art spiritualisum history cooking dancing zumba.I like to have fun and have a laugh.

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